Image Consultancy

I believe that anything can be achieved if you’re dressed for the part. As everyone knows if you look good, you’ll feel great. It takes a matter of seconds to form an opinion; these first impressions are nearly impossible to undo and set the tone for our relationship with that person. If we think of clothes as part of our persona, then in many situations they speak volumes long before we do. It’s therefore vital our clothes are speaking the right language and our wardrobe reflects the image we wish to portray.

Once you’ve found a style which suits your body shape, lifestyle and personality, whilst maximising your budget, you’ll spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time on the important things in life. Dressing should be effortless, so if you’re struggling to find something to wear, clothes to fit or just feel you’ve lost your stylistic way, then why not drop me a line and see if I can help.

Services: Personal Shopping to ensure you maximise your budget and purchase clothes to suit you and your lifestyle; Wardrobe Consultancy will help you de-clutter your clothes and clarify your style Image Consultancy for a full style makeover. I believe great style is finding a look that suits your personality, lifestyle and figure and can be achieved on any budget.

Half Day Personal Shopping in Leeds, York or Harrogate
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Image Consultation
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