Half Day Personal Shopping in Leeds, York or Harrogate

Hate shopping? That’s because you’ve never been shopping with me!

We’ve all got a shopping horror story – a day spent where nothing fits; a pushy, or worse still, dismissive sales assistant – whatever your story (and I’ve a few of my own), it makes the day an unforgettable experience for all the wrong reasons.

Why not try a personal shop with a professional, I’ll hold your hand (not literally, unless that’s your thing) and guide you through the shops with my expert eye, I’ll suggest a few new brands, new styles, and you never know you might find you like shopping after all. As I’m not affiliated with any shop or brand I can introduce you to a wide range of shops and styles to suit you.

Key features:

  • Full body shape analysis
  • Guidance on how to shop
  • Guidance on how to effectively build colour and accessories into your wardrobe
  • Follow-up email summarising discussion and, if appropriate, purchases