Holiday Edit

Holidays are great... well they are when we finally arrive at our destination and feel the warm sun on our tired sun-starved limbs!  In fact, I’d say at that point holidays are fantastic. 

It’s a pity thatthe  run up to departure time is often immensely stressful.  Trying to juggle workload (because if you’re not around it doesn’t get done) and ensure everything is up to date before you leave, and we haven’t even reached the packing stage!

For most, the holiday pack is a worry; what to take, what to leave behind, will you be happy with your final edit?

I’ve had similar dilemmas in the past but over the years have become a much savvier packer to ensure I have sufficient clothes to take me stylishly through my holiday without breaking my back or my luggage allowance.

Eliza holiday edit is a bespoke service to help you make the most of your holiday wardrobe.  We will talk through your intended selection, make additions (or most probably omissions!) to ensure you have a workable holiday wardrobe whatever your destination.  The service lasts for 2 ½ hours, during which you'll be packing with confidence.