Style Day

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have one day to get your image back on track?  If you’re in need of a little wardrobe rejuvenation and a steer on the shopping front from an expert, then the Eliza Style Day is right up your street. 

We’ll start the day at your place and get the wardrobe under control - styling the items you have, identify the styles which suits your body shape/lifestyle, work out any colour coordination, areas of weakness, identify the key pieces and of course ensure there is order before we depart.

In the afternoon we’ll take a trip into town (Leeds/York/Harrogate – you decide) for a couple of hours in the shops.  We will try some different looks, possibly identify new brands, and have fun with the latest fashions. 

 Key features:

  • Body shape analysis
  • Mini-wardrobe consultation; de-clutter and informal style analysis
  • Two hour personal shop

This one day special style day is priced at £175 and makes an ideal gift.

Duration:  5 hours