Wardrobe Declutter

The “average” woman has a whopping 22 items she’s never worn. How many do you have?

Me? None!

The majority of women utilise only a fraction of their wardrobe, wearing the same items day in, day out, despite having a wardrobe crammed with clothes. I can honestly say that every piece in my wardrobe has a role to play.

How do I achieve that? Why not book a wardrobe declutter and find out, I’ll I bring a fresh pair of eyes and identify what gems your wardrobe holds.

Key features:

  • Analyse and photograph all items in your wardrobe
  • Discard any unwanted, worn out or items beyond repair (suggesting alterations and repairs for those favourites in need of a little care or modernisation)
  • I’ll give you styling suggestions, recommend new ways to wear your clothes, how to accessorise them, organise your clothes (if desired) and suggest additions to rejuvenate and invigorate
  • Produce a wardrobe strategy to help you choose the best clothes to suit your body shape, style, lifestyle and budget
  • Produce of a full wardrobe analysis to remind you how to put your outfits together on your own, how to accessorise and identify any key pieces that many complement your existing collection.

Allow 4 hours