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Armani: Timeless Tailoring

Last week during a trip to Milan, I had the good fortune to find time to visit the Armani / Silos permanent exhibition.  The exhibition opened in 2015 to mark the 40th anniversary of Mr Armani’s designs.  Two floors of permanent exhibiting space house the designer’s creations over the 40-year period, curated into three themes:  Androgynous, Ethnicities and Stars. 

The first floor explores the themes of Androgyny.  In which he identifies the jacket as an everyday must-have item, which indeed it is, and this space pairs menswear and womenswear together.  We see the traditional masculine tailored fabrics worked in a softer, less structured ways for both the male and female form. 

The second floor is dedicated to Ethnicities and Stars – showing Mr Armani’s influences from around the world and also with the world of show business.

The ground and third floors house temporary exhibitions.  The café is splendid (I certainly enjoyed my lunch!).  Overall, the space is typically what you would expect from Armani – neutral tones, subtle and minimal. 

This collection shows his timeless tailoring, and whilst some items look very much of their time, many items wouldn’t look out of place and could be worn today, despite being more than twenty years old! 

Simple and elegantly pared back, but with the opportunity to get up close to each garment, one can see the level of intricacy in the cut, the quality of the cloth and the complexity of design.  Well worth a visit! 

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