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Dior: Designer of Dreams

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the brand spanking new Dior Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris – a pleasure for me, as normally when I’m scheduled to visit a city the exhibition of choice has either just closed, or about to open the day after I’ve left!  That the Dior exhibition opened the week before, and thanks to my Twitter feed (thank you social media), I was able to spend a pleasurable hour or several viewing one of my design aspirations.

This extensive exhibition chronicles the inception of the House of Dior, through to present day. Whilst the New Look will always be my favourite shape – elegance personified – the exhibition shows how the House of Dior has progressed since the unexpectedly early death of Dior himself.  Each designer thereafter bringing a little of their own design style to the House, whilst retaining an overall style of the House.

Too many favourites for me to mention all the rooms, and show all the dresses, instead below are a selection of the extensive photographs taken throughout.  If you’re visiting Paris – it’s a must see (although I’d recommend pre-booking tickets).

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