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Disobedient Bodies @ The Hepworth

On Sunday, to complete my recent hat-trick of exhibitions, I visited the Hepworth Wakefield and in particular Disobedient Bodies, the exhibition curated by JW Anderson which brings together sculpture, art, fashion and design showing “how the human form has been reimagined over the course of the last century”.

Its a fantastic exhibition – very visual, interactive, especially photographic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Below are some of my shots:

I found it fascinating to view 96 pieces of art / fashion which radially interpret and reinterpret the human form.  Several of the fashion interpretations showcased are radically at odds with my personal tastes (oversizing the body for example), but it always challenging to look at things from a different point of view and I certainly enjoyed this exhibition and can highly recommend it.

Disobedient Bodies runs until mid-June 2017.  Don’t worry if you don’t make it before – the Hepworth building is a splendid display of modern architecture and the permanent display are also worthy of a visit.

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