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If you’ve missed out securing tickets to the Chanel exhibition, why not stomp your feet, scream & shout and channel your inner Diva by demanding tickets to the Diva exhibition at the V&A Museum.  The exhibition charts the rise of the Diva from the early opera stars with their, by modern standards, somewhat tame diva-like behaviour, to the full blown outrageously demanding 21st century Diva.

The exhibits – as you would imagine – become more outrageous as we progress through the years, with the upstairs exhibition area showcasing the modern day Divas competing in sartorial outlandishness!  The woman at the side of me took had to take a phone call  during the exhibition – “I’m at the V&A at the most bizarre exhibition ever” she exclaimed – well, reader, it’s not that bizarre but it’s certainly excessive.

A truly wonderful exhibition and well worth a visit.  The exhibition has an audio soundtrack with headphones, which apparently explain / play tracks from the individual artists – sadly this massively deaf writer can’t wear headphones and listen to music so I have to take the word of the woman in front of me who said “the audio is fab, you must get the headset – it’s the most amazing soundtrack!”.

Marilyn Monroe’s LBD from Some Like it Hot – one of my all time favourite films

I didn’t make a note of this opera singer’s name but I thought the outfit was simply stunning!

Rihanna’s outfit to the Met Ball – must have been heavy and uncomfortable but I guess the life of a Diva isn’t one of comfort!


Cher (Bob Mackie)


Cher (Bob Mackie)

Tina Turner

Edith Piaf – the little sparrow was really small

Debbie Harry

Liza Minnelli

Amy Winehouse

Lady Gaga

And finally…

The Godfather of all Diva’s – Sir Elton John’s 50th birthday outfit

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