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Hatches and Matches on display

Managed to escape the studio for an hour this morning to visit a display of Wedding & Christening gowns at All Saint’s Church, Ripley.  All items on display have been loaned by individuals with an association with Ripley Church, many of whom were married within.

It is a charming eclectic mix of dresses spanning the decades.  Many of which have a fascinating story behind them. I may be biased (as two of my designs are included in the display) but it is well worth a visit (as is the church and the village).  The church cafe is also open this weekend, so why not stop off to see the dresses and have coffee & cake!

Display lasts until Monday 28 August.

Decades of brides decorate the alter

Timeless elegance – simple from the front (my companions and I decided this was our favourite)

…with detail at the rear

1950s lace reminded me of Princess Grace’s dress

Vintage Laura Ashley from the early 1970’s – could be worn today!

Fascinated by the applique bodice

This one’s familiar… one I sort of designed (in collaboration with the bride) and definitely manufactured – 70 hours of work! Truly unique  (head dress – designer/manufacture unknown)

Lovely 1950s dress – we couldn’t work out why the mannequin has a wig!

Another familiar design: my dress (gosh I wished I’d given it a better steaming before I dropped off!) and coat.


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