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Photo freeze

Last month’s photoshoot was something of a freezing affair.  Originally scheduled for last autumn, it had to be postponed due to several commitments so we rescheduled for the end of April when, as Nida commented back in January, “the blossom will be out and the sun will be shining”.  What we hadn’t anticipated was the arctic “gentle breeze”, as described by BBC Weather!

It’s been four years since I updated my shots.  I can hardly believe it too.  This time I asked (cajoled / bribed!) some of my customers to model outfits I had created for them.  No only do I want my website to be representative of all shapes and sizes, lets be honest there’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to bodies, but also to show the variety of designs I create.  Each design was a collaboration with the customer, incorporating their ideas and personality into each garment which I hope we have managed to convey.

As always, I wanted an outdoor shoot and what better place than Valley Gardens and the surrounding streets.

First stop Valley Drive where we find interest in the flower beds!

Nida’s shot of Debi’s corduroy suit – this suit was created late last year.  Originally Debi wanted velvet but instead opted for corduroy as it looks less festive and has more versatility.

Vania models a velvet evening suit.  This is a new design incorporating a shawl collar.

Nida loved the electric blue outside the white house

Red, white and blue!

Vania bravely removes the jacket – how she suffered for my art!

Smiling through the chill. How does she manage to look so relaxed when it sooo cold?

Thankful of the tweed suit when the wind blew!

Another new design a suit that isn’t a suit. Mix and match tailoring using Marton Mill’s Yorkshire Tweed.  Showing off my patch pockets and funky lining.  The jacket and waistcoat also look stunning with jeans.

Sarah modelled her bespoke shirt dress designed and manufactured last summer.

An action shot of Emma trying to look wistful as she models her wedding dress

I love this shot of Emma laughing – we’d asked her to do so many twirls!

And for the lining…
The coat was commissioned as part of Emma’s wedding outfit using Marton Mill’s tweed with vibrant pink lining

Vania models a navy blazer, with white waistcoat and trousers…

…perfect for a wedding guest or Mother of Bride / Groom.  A design like this could be worn time after time either together or separately.

I hate modelling for my website – however, I do love this Breton inspired silk dress.  The hat didn’t stay on long…

My turn to twirl…

Vania (sensibly wrapped) watches as I walk, twirl and attempt to keep upright.

Nida makes adjustments for some up-close shots of the lace

Emma models a lace and silk sample dress

Paula’s evening suit was commissioned just before the pandemic!  She wanted to get married in a suit like this 35 years ago but in a moment of weakness was persuaded otherwise. It took a long time but finally got the suit!

Back of the waistcoat Paula didn’t know she needed.

Finally, this outfit was commissioned 16 years ago and is a focal part of Paula’s wardrobe regularly receiving an airing for weddings, christenings and other formal occasions.  Just goes to show an Eliza outfit will last!



Official Shots:  @photomanicphotography

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