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Zandra Rhodes: 50 years of fabulous

One positive (and believe me I’m continuing to focus on the positives right now) from the lockdown is that it has given me the opportunity to reflect and be retrospective.  The months leading up to the lockdown had been frantic, with many last minute orders to fulfill, leaving me leaping from one project to the next with no time to breathe.  Last December during a trip to London, I had the opportunity to visit Zandra Rhodes’s Fashion Museum.  The special exhibition was to celebrate 50 years in the business (of course as I write it’s 51!).  I’m ashamed to say that only now have I had the opportunity to look through the images taken during the visit…  

50 years of fabulous is housed at Zandra Rhodes’s Fashion and Textile Museum

Timeless pieces could easily be worn today and remain stunning.


Love this 1980s cocktail dress, despite the fact it’s pink!



From the current collection…


Bringing the exhibition up to date with pieces from 2019


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